Friday, May 12, 2017


Hello everyone.

I've been thinking a lot over the past month of my blogging break . . . I've also gotten a lot done, read a lot of articles, and thought a lot about my goals for my future in blogging.

When I started this blog, there really was no long-term goal I had for it. To have fun, share some stories I had written, and ramble and rant about things, I guess. Really, the entire point was so I could blog about something besides dolls (at that point I still ran my doll blog.)

But now, four years later, my interests have changed. For a long while I've been interested in being more objective and professional with my blogging. I've tried to do it on this blog, I really have, but I just feel like I need a new, fresh start.

So yes, I'm leaving Through The Wardrobe - first Disney Fans 4 Ever, then The Fangirl Blog, then Peanut Butter Girl, then what it is today.

I am very emotionally attached to this blog and it's hard to leave it.

 But I am starting a new blog. I've been working on this blog for a long while now, and I've already cranked out a couple of posts to get it started. I'm even working on a companion Etsy shop (which isn't finished yet, but soon will be, Lord willing.) Now all I need to do is let you guys know about it.

You can check it out here. In case you're wondering what the point of Lydia Therese is, it's going to be a lifestyle blog. It will have fashion posts, book and movie reviews, and other tidbits.

So yes, new, exciting stuff on the horizons. I'll still keep this blog open to the public, so you can go back and read my old posts if you would like. :) If you didn't follow for things like what my new blog will be, thank you for sticking around this long.

See you guys on my new blog! Thank you for 74 followers. I really never dreamed I'd have gotten to that many four years ago, when I started this blog to spam people with Frozen fanart I had saved to my computer. ;)

~Lydia~ <3

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Projects and Such

Hey guys!

I would like to make a post to explain why I haven't been posting much lately.

Firstly, my book. So many things to do before the deadlines!! Pictures to take, information to fill out, kinks to work through. Publishing a book is a lot of work. I have way too many things to do and way too little time. :P

Secondly, a new project . . . I have been thinking about doing a new blog for a long, long time, and I've finally decided to just go for it. I am super excited about this new journey, and I can't wait for you guys to see it! But first I have pictures to take, a design to do, and a bunch of other stuff. You guys will definitely get the link to my new blog when I'm done, though. ;) (And no, I'm NOT quitting this one!! My new blog will be a niche blog, this one will be the same, insanely-random, jumbled mess it always had been. XD)

Camp NaNoWriMo . . . oh dear. It will be the entire month of April. I want to get a ton of writing done! I am incredibly excited about the new book idea I have planned. I have more than half of it planned out, and it will probably be finished tomorrow. :P

Speaking of April - my birthday! My birthday is April 21st - I'll be turning 13! *queue crazy wild screaming*
*calms down* ANYWAY. Of course for my birthday I have to plan my party, and my family celebration, etc.

I am just sooo busy right now. I'm taking up so many different things at so many different times!! Posting on here might slow down a little - I will still be posting and commenting on blogs, though, don't worry. :) Maybe just not as often as I usually do.

Thanks for reading!

~Lydia~ <3

P.S. - I finished Star Trek: Voyager recently. I LOVED ALL THE CHARACTERS IT MAKES ME SO SAD NO MORE OF THEM WHY. :( :( :(

*ahem* Okay, now I'm done. Bye!  

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

To Be Read - March 2017

Hello everyone!

Sorry this post is so late! :P I'm going to make this my TBR list for both March and April because I didn't do it at the beginning of the month . . . I may or may not have forgotten to do it, haha. Here my list of books I read - or didn't read - from my last TBR post.

Emily Climbs
The Mother-Daughter Book Club
The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest
A Dream Not Imagined
The Only Pirate at the Party
The Hidden Amethyst
Courageous Love

So as well as the ones I didn't get a chance to read this month, I also have these books on my list . . .

Daddy-Long-Legs by Jean Webster
I've heard great things about this classic book. It sounds interesting and incredibly sweet, so this is one of the ones I hope to read in the rest of March and April!

Out of the Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis
Yay! Another book by C.S. Lewis. It's science fiction, too, which makes it even more interesting. I'm also pretty sure my dad has this book, so I won't have to spend money on it either. :P

The Secret Keepers by Trenton Lee Stewart
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Trenton Lee Stewart's writing style - so I am SOOOO excited to read this! (And my library has it, so that's also a plus.)

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
Okay, so the thing is, I actually started this book. I really tried to get into it, I did. But I just didn't work out. There were also so many other books I wanted to read first. But I WILL READ THIS BOOK THIS MONTH. I am determined to do it even if I have to force myself. :P

And there we go! That wraps up my list for this month and the next. Have you guys read any of these books? :)

Thanks for reading!

~Lydia~ <3

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Office Tour - March 2017

Hello everyone!

Last March I did an office tour, (I don't actually remember that, I was just looking through old posts, hehe) and since it's March again, I decided to do an updated one! My space has changed a lot (it's also gone through two new computers, a chair and new furniture since last year) so I thought it would be fun to do.

Just a note, I don't actually have a real "office", per-say. It's just a little space in our dining room where both me and Jo do our school, blogging, gaming, etc and I call it my office. ;)

Let's get into it!

Firstly, we have a cart next to my desk that holds all my schoolbooks. I am homeschooled and use a curriculum that teaches you online and then gives you assignments afterwards, so I keep my school-related stuff here.

On top, there are some books I'll be reading for school later in the year (if you know what the printing company JourneyForth is run by, you probably know what curriculum I use...) a spelling bonus word sheet at the bottom, tape, a post-it note holder, my calligraphy pen, and a to-do list thing that I actually use a lot (I got it at Walmart.)

And here are all the bins where I keep my school books.

Here's my computer, and the lovely desktop background. I like having monthly ones, either from Google Images or KBR, which have lovely monthly desktop backgrounds with Bible verses on them. :D

There's my keyboard, mouse and lovely and aesthetically pleasing mousepad. XD

At the left side of my computer there's a pencil holder (if you've seen my other office tour, yes, the Enterprise figure is still there. It doesn't light up anymore though :( ), a stationary set my mom gave me, and a Rilakkuma notepad set.

On the sliding, pull-out tray I use to store some other stuff, we've got my planner. Obviously I can't show you the inside but it's SO. PRETTY. As you can probably guess from the front, it has writing and reading quotes on almost every page! It's my favorite planner ever. ;)

Then we've got one of my Bibles, which I keep in my desk because I'm always needing to look of Bible verses in school, and a notecard thing from Studio C.

Here's a picture of Jo's desk, which is literally right next to mine.

And here's the view from our big windows we have right in front of us. :P

And there you go! My "office" tour. I hope you guys enjoyed! :)

Thanks for reading!

~Lydia~ <3

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Recently - 7

Hello everyone!

It's time for another Recently! :)

I just started the first Sherlock Holmes book but it's the second one I've read...A Study in Scarlet. It's good already! I love the Sherlock Holmes books, they are so brilliant. I enjoyed The Hound of the Baskervilles immensely so hopefully this book will be just as good!

Illuminate, the second book in my Star Trek fanfiction series. My original goal for the book was 5,000 words, but since I joined MyWriteClub and started working on it from there and doing word sprints with some friends, I've gone above and beyond my original goal. It's insane how much I've written through that! I can't rave about it enough! Go check out MyWriteClub, you won't regret it! Seriously! (And if you join hey I'm Lydia_Dyslin)

Listening To 
I have been quite obsessed with Echosmith for the past week. You know, that band that did the song "Cool Kids" (which I actually don't like very much XD) I like how the band members are all siblings...I may be getting just a leetle obsessed. Stop groaning.

Aside from Star Trek I've also been watching a lot of Murder, She Wrote with my mom and Ellery Queen with my dad. I love Jessica Fletcher, she's so cute. XD I also really like Ellery Queen, I wish it had run longer. I only have 12 episodes left! :( Fortunately for me Murder, She Wrote has 12 seasons so I think I'm sorted for now. XD

Okay, that's all I have for you guys today! Thanks so much for reading! :)

~Lydia~ <3

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Hey guys!

So a looong time ago Adi made a post called "Dear...", where she wrote mini letters to her family or friends or whoever she felt like writing them to. And I thought that was a great idea, so I decided to do it, too. Hope you guys enjoy!

so basically I tried making a picture for this about a million times but my computer is being stupid and wont let me upload it so here is a pic of Georgie Henley :P

Dear Joanna, 
Sure, you get on my nerves sometimes. But you are the best little sister anybody could ask for. You are not only family but also my best friend - you know absolutely everything about me. Thanks for being so awesome.

Dear Adam Young, 
I just wanted you to know you were my first celebrity crush. Also thank you for showing society you can still be a successful singer and be open about your faith. And your Instagram is #goals.

Dear friends,
I've known you guys since 3rd grade and some of you even longer than that, and you guys stuck with me through everything, and didn't say I was weird or a geek because of my love of Star Trek and Narnia and I even got one of you addicted to it (or you got me even more addicted than I already was I don't know at this point). YOU GUYS ARE THE ULTIMATE HOMIES COME HERE GROUP HUG

Dear random old guy dressed up as Heidi's grandfather at Storyland who yelled at me when I was four years old for moving around some fake wooden plates in that cabin when I was having the best time ever, 
I never thought I'd forgive you for that. It took a long time, but I have gotten over it. That burden has been lifted off your shoulders. You're welcome.

Dear parents, 
You are AWESOME!! I love you so much. Best parents ever. :DDDDD

Dear Chris Tomlin, 
You put on a good concert. Also, good choices with those other bands that came before you. I would have never listened to Tenth Avenue North otherwise.

Dear two teenage girls sipping Starbucks at that tourist stop in Vermont, 
You guys actually made an effort to look nice. I wanted to tell you that but was too shy. Your outfits were really cute, and the nerd glasses tho. You have your lives together, good job.

Dear Starbucks, 
Just wanted to let you know your green tea milkshake thing is gross, you should take it off the menu. However your strawberry smoothie and pumpkin spice mocha latte are spot-on.

Dear Lydia Winters, 
Yo since we are basically twins we should hang sometime. You look good in a beanie.

Dear Sqaishey and Stampy, 
You are the people who got me into Minecraft. You are so fun and cheerful all the time. One more thing Stampy, I have that comment you replied to hung up on my wall. No it's not creepy, what are you talking about? xD

Dear girl that also takes music lessons with my music teacher and who looks nice, 
Hopefully someday I'll get up the courage to talk to you. You are an awesome singer and your hair looks really cute in a pixie cut.

Dear Fraser, 
Your laugh is really cute, your hair is always on point, you always manage to make me smile (especially on your livestreams) and did I mention your laugh is really cute???

Dear Squig, 
You are one of my favorite YouTubers and you are the type of person I feel like I would want to be friends with if I knew you from church or something. Thanks for watching my YouTube video, it seriously meant a LOT to me. :D

Dear Georgie Henley,
You definitely aren't my role model anymore, I'm sorry to say. But I believe you are still a sweet girl with a kind heart who is doing what you believe is right. You play THE BEST Lucy and you are absolutely gorgeous. Don't forget that!!!

Okay that post was really long but it was super fun to write. Hope you guys enjoyed it! :D

~Lydia~ <3

Friday, February 3, 2017

A Question of Honor - Cover Reveal

Hello everyone!

I have a very exciting post to share with you all! Today is the cover reveal for my friend Jesseca's book, A Question of Honor. It looks absolutely amazing and the cover is breathtaking! But first, an image so you can't just look at it in your feed and you actually have to click on the post and feel the suspense...;)

yeah its edmund
Drumroll please...

Here it is!! Doesn't it look amazing?!

And now, here's some more about the actual book itself:

A Question of Honor
Releases March 3rd, 2017

A man. A child. A war.
When German soldiers invade France during World War II, young Joyanna's perfect world is shattered. In the hands of those who hate her, she battles to comprehend why people can be so ruthless and cold to those whom they have never met.
David Sullivan, pilot in the Royal Air Force, was certain he would never hate, but a painful loss forces him to either reconsider or do the inconceivable - forgive. He is suddenly challenged by the realization that following God's will is not easy, but most important. With the lives of freedom-fighters relying on him, he must learn the difficult lesson that he is not in control, but merely one who must surrender his heart of obedience to the One greater.
A sudden turn of events lands Joyanna and David in the same country - but for far different reasons. When their paths cross, David finds he must make a decision that will affect them both for the rest of their lives.
Will he chose vengeance, or will he let his life be ruled by a higher standard? A standard of Honor.

About the Author

Jesseca is an 18-year-old daughter, sister, and a child of God. Her days are spent reading, cooking, spending time with siblings, or playing piano. And writing, of course! At an early age words fascinated her, and her love for the printed page has only grown. She lives with her parents and seven siblings in the sunny state of Kansas, and she's convinced there's no place like home.


Doesn't it sounds amazing? I'm so excited for it! :)

Well, that's all for today's post everyone! Thanks for reading!

~Lydia~ <3                                                       
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