Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Quick post =}


So...I know I'm posting TWO times in ONE day but...I just had to tell you guys that the Malifacent dolls & products are out at DS!

Okay, just to get this straight, I HATE Malifacent. No offence to all you movie lovers of that movie, but seriously? Sleeping Beauty is such a great movie, WHY turn it into a HORROR MOVIE?!

But I LOVE the actor they chose for Aurora, and if Disney is that good at choosing actors for Aurora I can't wait to see the actor they pick for Cinderella! When is that coming out, anyway? I read the whole article about it but I forgot. :-/ Well, anyway back to the point. I really like the DS Classics doll (but overpriced, much?) so even if you don't like the movie like me, at least check out the doll HERE! :)

And here is one picture of her, just because. =}

 And here is another edit I did today. (Check out a few posts below to see the other ones I did :) )
~Lydia~ <3


  1. Sleeping Beauty is my favorite of the original Disney movies - mostly because she does have the best prince. Look at everything he did to reach her in the tower. That was a bit of a horror movie there.

    I'm kind of interested in the Maleficent movie to see the additional point of view. Would I want to see Harry Potter reshot from Voldemort's POV...not on your life, but I am curious with regards to Sleeping Beauty...I guess you can blame Once Upon a Time. :-)


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