Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Little Human


IDK how long I have been collecting My Little Pony human version pictures. My favorite artist for them, Her are his/hers: (I'm just gonna say she's a she)

This is probably my favorite Applejack so far. :-D 

From that love potion episode. (My wittwe smoochy woochy smooky snookums! ROFL XD)

BBBFF. AWWWWWW *dies of cutness* (Not literally) 

Ready to battle the changlings. 


Twilight's GGG outfit. 
That isn't even half the stuff that she draws. They are amazing. We also like this other user:
Left to right: I forgot their names, Daring Do, Octovia, DJ-Pon 3, and Um, like Roseblossom?

Coco Pommel! 
Coffee Candy (An OC)

Here's the other one's.  

Daring Do loves her helmet xD 

"I just love my new dress!"

That's it. If you want more then just ask. Well I don't need anyone to ask because, um, 'm just gonna post more in my next post.

To make things clear, I NEVER DREW ANY OF THESE PICTURES nore had anything to do with them, I just found them.

~Lydia~ <3 

Friday, June 13, 2014

You'll Play Your Part


So today I want to share my favorite MLP:FIM song, You'll Play Your Part. (If you think that My Little Pony is to babyish, you'll think twice when you watch THIS.)

Anywaaay, at first I thought meh this is going to be a terrible song but then the princesses started singing and I was like I LOVE THIS SOOONG!!! :P

So try it out. :-)

~Lydia~ <3

Friday, June 6, 2014

Star Trek: TOS

Hello everyone!

Today I shall yet again talk about another one of my favorite TV shows...(get ready for it...) 

STAR TREK!! TOS of course.

Sho I LOVE this show it's so amazing. I like The Original Series the best and sometimes watch The Animated Series. The others are kind :-/

Voyager ~ I want to watch this one because it has a girl captain in it.
The Next Generation ~ Um not really. James T. Kirk gets killed in one of the movies. No. Just no.
Enterprise ~ Started watching pilot. I turned it off it was giving me the creeps. :P
Other can't remember what it's called ~ It was way to...uh...action packed

No offence. Just stating my opinions on the other shows. They might be good, I'll need to watch an episode other than the pilots, but I think I'll always love TOS the best. Anyway, onto the show

**All pictures via Google Images**

This guy is awesome. IDK what his name is or anything cause I haven't seen second/third seasons but he's handsome. XP

Captain James T. Kirk. He's kewl. A lot of people I meet think that Spock should be the Captain but I think Kirk makes an amazing one. Plus I don't think Bones could handle it for long LOL

The whole main cast

Okie so basic summary of the show:
The show is about the adventures of the crew/starship Enterprise as they explore new worlds and meet aliens and creatures. The show is set 200-300? centuries into the future. The captain of the ship is James T. Kirk.

My fav characters are James T. Kirk, Dr. McCoy and Scotty.

Ummm yah that about sums it up.

This was a pretty lousy post but I hope it at least got you interested in watching the show if you haven't already...which you probably have...

~Lydia~ <3 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

ND HB Mysteries! (A TV Show)


So today I'm gonna' talk about this TV series called Nancy Drew Hardy Boys Mysteries. It's a TV series from the 1980s. And it's about Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. (Note the title xD) You've probably heard of, if not read the books? Okay anyway so their super exciting and really...spooky. Some of them. Like Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys meet  Dracula. (Nancy: Come on, we've got an appointment to keep. Bess: With whom? Nancy: DRACULA.) *Clears throat* Anywayyy, there are a few kinks and stuff so I thought I'd list them:

*Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys meet each other sometimes. Crossovers.
*Ned is awesome. xP
*Suspense. And it's spooky! A lot of the mystery shows I watch are just suspenseful but in this it's actually spooky!! :-D

Cons (or as I like to call them kinks):
*In season 2, they swap actors between Pamela Sue Martin and Janet Julian. In my opinion, Pamela is SO much better than Janet, she just reminds me of Nancy so much more.
*In season 2, Ned dissapears. I did some research and they got rid of Ned, and made it so in one episode more Nancy just meets him. Then he disperses. :P
*Nancy doesn't have two sidekicks. It's either Bess or George. (They did a great job with actor for Bess, George bla)
*Frank and Nancy KISS. They fall in LOVE. Half of me loves this half of me doesn't. SHE IS SUPPOSED TO LOVE NED!! But then they do look great together. :P

Those are just meh opinions on the show, decide for yourself once you watch em'. 

On a completely different note, I'm going to PA and Philly! I'll be taking tons of pictures so prepare to be photobomed sometime next week. xD 

~Lydia~ <3 
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