Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Little Human


IDK how long I have been collecting My Little Pony human version pictures. My favorite artist for them, Her are his/hers: (I'm just gonna say she's a she)

This is probably my favorite Applejack so far. :-D 

From that love potion episode. (My wittwe smoochy woochy smooky snookums! ROFL XD)

BBBFF. AWWWWWW *dies of cutness* (Not literally) 

Ready to battle the changlings. 


Twilight's GGG outfit. 
That isn't even half the stuff that she draws. They are amazing. We also like this other user:
Left to right: I forgot their names, Daring Do, Octovia, DJ-Pon 3, and Um, like Roseblossom?

Coco Pommel! 
Coffee Candy (An OC)

Here's the other one's.  

Daring Do loves her helmet xD 

"I just love my new dress!"

That's it. If you want more then just ask. Well I don't need anyone to ask because, um, 'm just gonna post more in my next post.

To make things clear, I NEVER DREW ANY OF THESE PICTURES nore had anything to do with them, I just found them.

~Lydia~ <3 

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