Friday, June 6, 2014

Star Trek: TOS

Hello everyone!

Today I shall yet again talk about another one of my favorite TV shows...(get ready for it...) 

STAR TREK!! TOS of course.

Sho I LOVE this show it's so amazing. I like The Original Series the best and sometimes watch The Animated Series. The others are kind :-/

Voyager ~ I want to watch this one because it has a girl captain in it.
The Next Generation ~ Um not really. James T. Kirk gets killed in one of the movies. No. Just no.
Enterprise ~ Started watching pilot. I turned it off it was giving me the creeps. :P
Other can't remember what it's called ~ It was way to...uh...action packed

No offence. Just stating my opinions on the other shows. They might be good, I'll need to watch an episode other than the pilots, but I think I'll always love TOS the best. Anyway, onto the show

**All pictures via Google Images**

This guy is awesome. IDK what his name is or anything cause I haven't seen second/third seasons but he's handsome. XP

Captain James T. Kirk. He's kewl. A lot of people I meet think that Spock should be the Captain but I think Kirk makes an amazing one. Plus I don't think Bones could handle it for long LOL

The whole main cast

Okie so basic summary of the show:
The show is about the adventures of the crew/starship Enterprise as they explore new worlds and meet aliens and creatures. The show is set 200-300? centuries into the future. The captain of the ship is James T. Kirk.

My fav characters are James T. Kirk, Dr. McCoy and Scotty.

Ummm yah that about sums it up.

This was a pretty lousy post but I hope it at least got you interested in watching the show if you haven't already...which you probably have...

~Lydia~ <3 


  1. Love it! I am a huge Star Trek fan. Yes, the original series is the best. Favorite characters: All the named bridge crew plus Bones.

    Next Generation is second on my list. (It has been noted that killing Kirk was a mistake, but I think the JJ Abrams movies will correct this.) Favorites: Similar to the original...all the named bridge crew and Dr. Crusher. I did not like the blonde doctor - she was annoying.

    Deep Space Nine was really good, but it lost me when Sisko became the emissary or whatever. Favorite characters: Sisko, Bashir, Odo

    Voyager was really cool. It lost me when they messed with Kes and Neelix and Kim. Favorite characters: Janeway, Chakotay, Kim, Torres, Seven of Nine, Kes.

    Enterprise - Love Scott Bakula. It was a bit more creepy than the others. I watched that one until Archer destroyed the Vulcan temple. Favorite characters: Loved all of these too.

    It's fun when the actors turn up in different things now. The voice usually gives it away.

    Live Long and Prosper, Lydia!

    ~Xyra, human at Tea Time With Melody Q


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