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So I remembered that I promised all of you pictures of Philadelphia, (I forgot them for a while XP) while I was posting something on one of my other blogs. So, here they are! :)

A picture from the Hard Rock Cafe. It was cool and the food was good but the music videos they had there were terrible! Except for the Taylor Swift ones. ;-) 

The sign.

Pictures from the Sky Bridge. The Marriott had two separate buildings and we were on the separate one, so we got to cross a really cool bridge pretty high above the street called the sky bridge, which connected the two buildings. Super cool! 

A picture from the other side. (The guitar on the hard rock cafe is the second biggest in the states!) 

Independence Hall! 

Here is a pretty plate from one of the displays all leading up to...

*trumpets sound* THE LIBERTY BELL! So cool, uh-huh. (Ugh, another person's hand got in the way. 9_9)

Better picture (no hands!).

This park was right next to where we were staying. I can't remember what the pillars or the round ball mean, but 

this thing is supposed to represent the sun! 

From inside the Betsy Ross house. (It's not the first american flag, mind you) 


This is the actual chair where the REAL George Washington SAT!! AHHHH!!! *scream*  

Aaand another picture from outside. :)
So, that's my trip to Philly! Hope you enjoyed.

~Lydia~ <3


  1. Fabulous photos! I'm so glad you enjoyed Philadelphia. It's a great city. [We live in the suburbs north and west of the city about an hour away.]

    1. Thanks! Yeah, we had a GREAT time. :)
      That's cool!
      ~Lydia~ <3


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