Sunday, August 31, 2014

Happy (Almost) September!

Hey everyone!

Happy almost September! I have made my little desktop calender for this month and thought I'd share it with you:
September's calender theme is Star Trek TOS! Feel free to print it out or save it, but if you post it anywhere please give me credit and also don't sell it. I don't see why anyone would, though, it's a little sloppy. :P

If you're not into the TV Show 19 Kids and Counting you could paint over the words it with a photo editor or white-out. I really recommend the show, it's fun and entertaining and is wholesome, to. I'M SO EXCITED TO WATCH THE SEASON PREMIER! TWO DAYS AWAY!! GAHHHH

Speaking of which, can you BELIEVE TLC stands for The Learning Channel? .......... Yeah, Cake Boss is SO educational. xD

Yes, well, anyway, thanks for reading. Ciao!

~Lydia~ <3

Friday, August 22, 2014


Hey everyone!

I've had some fun with Frozen and PicMonkey. Here are some edits I did:
The quote is from 'Invade' by 1 Girl Nation. I just twisted the lyrics so it was 'I' instead of 'We' will invade this world for you. It's like Elsa will invade the world for Anna XD 

These are the lyrics to "The Call" by Regina Spektor. It's kind of like supposed to represent that little voice inside Elsa that is saying 'go back to Anna'. It gets louder and louder till she finally goes back. 
Now they are back to the beginning, back to their childhood, when Elsa doesn't have anything to hide from Anna and they are close. If this ever happens again, Elsa doesn't have to forget that little voice inside her that can steer her in the right direction yet again. :}
Yes, I know it's a little stupid. :P

THIS! I love this edit. My favorite I have done so far. ;) (It's Elsa's own quote)
I am so evil MWAHAHAHAHAHA...I love giving everyone nightmares. Hehehehehe. (Not my picture)

~Lydia~ <3 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Beautiful People - August

If you want to do this, go there:

I AM writing a book, not ready to reveal much info yet, but it is a fanfiction and the main character is a girl. :-) 

1) What does your character regret the most in their life? 
Probably the fact that her parents have died. She loved her parents more than anything. She sometimes wonders where she went wrong in taking care of them when they fell ill. She regrets she coulden't do anything more to help them.
2) What is your character's happiest memory? Most sorrowful memory? 
Most happy memory would be when she met another father she loved just as much as her real father. Most sorrowful was watching her mother die right before her eyes. 
3) What majorly gets on your character’s nerves? 
Alot of things. 
4) Do they act differently when they're around people as opposed to being alone? If so, how? 
No, she does not really. She acts the same. 
5) What are their beliefs and superstitions? (Examples: their religion or lack of one, conspiracy theories, throwing salt, fear of black cats.) 
Weeelll...she is christian. Not superstitious. 
6) What are their catchphrases, or things they say frequently? 
"Yeah, right." and "No, she/he/they did not!" 
7) Would they be more prone to facing fears or running from them? 
Facing fears. 
8) Do they have a good self image? 
For the most part. 
9) Do they turn to people when they're upset, or do they isolate themselves? 
She isolates herself for like an hour or two, and then she goes and talks to someone. XD 
10) If they were standing next to you would it make you laugh or cry? 
Cry. Her story is pretty dramatic :P

~Lydia~ <3 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Prince Caspian: The Pros and Cons {{SPOILER ALERT}}

Hey everyone!

Before I get started, if you haven't already seen Prince Caspian, and don't want any spoilers, please don't read this post. ;-)

I am on one of my frequent fangirl rampages, (when I am completely obsessed with something for a few days.) :P So I'm going to list the pros and cons of:

Let's get started!

-Prince Caspian had an accent. I always thought he would have one since he is foreign. :)
-The girls aren't weak or helpless. The actually go into battle and don't put lights behind them to make them look dreamy and romantic.
-The first part of the movie was exactly accurate. (The parts that focused on the Pevensies)
-Reepicheep was awesome. He was just the coolest little mouse.
-Edmund destroying the Queen was awesome. Just goes to show how much he hates her.

-The Prince Caspian/Susan thing was just SAD. They kissed. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?! Really. :-/
-They never tried to take over the Telmarine's castle.
-In the book they said that Aslan's How was a sort of mound, not a tomb.
-THEY NEVER CALLED BACK THE QUEEN. There was never some kind of creepy creature who's face changed from wolfs to griffons, wanting to feast on a human and that had a sidekick that looked like it was missing a nose and it's left eye.
-They left out the really good part at the end. (You will just have to find out what that is by reading the book. ;-) )

That about sums it up! Thanks for reading! :)

~Lydia~ <3

Friday, August 1, 2014

30DWC and 25FAM


So, I decided to do this, which I found on my friend Autumn's blog! (It's really cool, check it out HERE.) 

1. Basic Things About Yourself
I have long, blonde hair, and blue eyes
I'm 10 years old 
I have 10 AG dolls
I am christian 
I am homeschooled
I have a little sister 
And that's it for that, 

but then I also have this other thing called 25 Facts About Me. I lost the picture, but I still have the questions. So, here goes the first one! 
1. Top song on my iPod? 
I don't have an iPod. XD But the top songs I listen to at the moment (AS OF 8.1.14) they are 'Brave' by Moriah Peters and 'Overcomer' by Mandisa. 

See you tomorrow! 

~Lydia~ <3 
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