Monday, December 15, 2014


I am walking down the dark street. Now that my Grandfather is gone, my life isn't worth it anymore. Nobody loves me, nobody cares for me. I had run away taking nothing with me. One by one, tears trickle down my cheeks. I put my head down and my hands in my pockets, and trudging along I stare at the ground. 
Suddenly I hear a car horn honk. I jerk my head up just in time to see a car coming straight towards me! I jump out of the way just in time. "Watch it, lady!" the driver yells at me as he whizzes past. 
Then all is quiet. 
I choke back a sob as I sit down at the side of the road and put my head in my hands. I hear a noise. I lift my head up to see a girl slip out of the shadows. Her face is pale, her lacy dress is white. She sits beside me and we stare up at the stars for awhile. Then she turns to face me. 
"Tell me your troubles." she whispers softly. 
And so I tell her it all. I tell it all to a complete stranger. I tell her how I have no home, how nobody cares for me or loves me, and how my grandfather has passed away. 
"God cares for you." the girl says softly. "He made you. He loves you so much. He cares." 
I turn my head the other way of the girl. 
"Tell him your troubles. Pray. He listens." The girl stands up and slips back into the shadows. 
I decide to try it. I close my eyes and pray. I tell Him all my troubles. As I do, tears stop slipping down my cheeks. I feel warm inside. A small smile replaces my frown as I finish with a silent "Amen". 


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