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Comparing Nancy Drew with Trixie Belden

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TB = Trixie Belden
ND = Nancy Drew

(This post may contain spoilers for any of the TB or ND books)

I have fallen in love with Trixie Belden, a mystery series for girls. The first book was published in 1948, and the last time they went out of print was around 2005 or 2006[?]
Another series I also like, (though not as much as Trixie) is Nancy Drew. More popular, the first Nancy Drew book was published in the early 1930s, and they are all still in print today (though most of the "originals" are heavily edited .)

Today I'm going to be comparing TB with ND.
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Trixie Belden 
I LOVE Trixie because firstly, she isn't the stereotypical blonde girl that always goes "EEEEK!" "AAAH!" "Do we have to go in there?" just as the main character is about to get to the bottom of things,  and always just gets in her/his way, usually just bringing them along to be nice. (Take Bess, for instance.) Trixie is brave, curious, and loveable. She isn't afraid to get her hands dirty (again, compare her with Bess). I guess that's a pet peeve of mine, the blonde girl is always dainty and frilly and hates any adventure of any kind. :P
The books have romance. Not icky romance, and it is definitely never the main focus of the book, but a TINY bit. Like at the very end of the ninth book - I almost squealed my head off. CX
The books are not predictable. Well, maybe a little, but not as much as the ND books. There is always have a unique case, and if Trixie gets captured, there is always a different way she gets out. (Unlike ND.)
Trixie is not perfect. I love that. To me, ND is kind of hard to believe, because she is always right. She never seems to make a mistake, and she always knows what to do. Trixie doesn't. Trixie is way more believable. She jumps to conclusions sometimes, and she sometimes ends up wrong. (Black Jacket Mystery, Mystery Off Glen Road).
Finally, Trixie has a life. She has chores, she has school, she has siblings. I haven't read an ND book in awhile, but she never seems to go to school. I mean, she's only 16....
Nancy Drew
I like ND a lot, but obviously not as much as TB. I could find a lot of faults with ND, but there are some good things about ND and some bad things about TB as well.
I like ND because she has exciting mysteries that last through the WHOLE book. TB books' mysteries sometimes don't last through the whole book and just stop right smack in the middle, but the book keeps going on. Sometimes that gets me bored with the book and makes me want to put it down. With ND, the mystery keeps going to the very end, which I like better. It keeps you wanting to keep turning pages to find out who did it (again, to the very end ). But - at the end the usually shove a whole bunch of information in your face at one time and so you basically keep reading and then close the book and then you are like, "What did that guy get arrested for again?"
TB books usually don't explain everything quite clearly enough. TB books DO build off each other a lot, and if you were starting with the eight book you would kind of be confused. That's what I did. I was a little confuzzled because it didn't explain everything that had happened in the previous books clearly - and I didn't really understand it that well and what was happening until I went and ordered the other books. ND books don't build off each other and they do introduce the characters clearly. so that's a plus.

Well, anyway, I just wanted to have fun comparing TB and ND. Hope you enjoyed the post! :)


  1. I've never heard of Trixie Belden, but I have heard of Nancy Drew. And I do agree that ND is a bit too perfect. :D

    xoxo Morning

    1. You should look for them - they are really good. (Trixie Belden). :)
      Yeah. I still enjoy the books, though! ;)

      ~Lydia~ <3

  2. Trixie Belden is awesome!! :-D And I LOVED the ending of the ninth book, oh my gosh. It was so good!!!


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