Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Writing Prompt Contest

Hey everyone!

Today I'm going to be entering the Writing Prompt Contest over at A Southern Girls Life. Here is my writing prompt/picture I'm going to be using:

Mkay so here we go:

I turned the knob and stepped inside. I closed the door, and it let out a loud cre-e-e-e-k! I heard footsteps. For a split second I thought I would be discovered - but then I realized that it was just the old structure of the building. I tiptoed to the spot in the floorboards - and there it was. Safe. I pulled on the book - it was wedged in tight. I pulled harder. It came loose, and I flew to the ground. The book had a scratch or two, but ti was alright for the most part.

I opened it's dusty pages and flipped through them. Finally, I found the spot.

The words "You know what to do." were written. And there was the key. I let in a deep breath. What I was about to do could change my life for the better - or for the worse.

I stood up and headed back to the door. I opened it and closed it, almost soundlessly. Then I walked down the hallway, stairs, and through my exit that led onto the streets of the city. The back alleyway was dark, but I knew my way around well enough. Back against the wall, I started to make my way to the place I was supposed to use they key.

When suddenly, a hand was clapped over my mouth. I let out a scream, muffled by the hand. "Levana - it's just me." a voice whispered, and the hand was taken off my mouth.

I let out a sigh of relief. "You scared me there for a moment, Thomas." I said.

"You can't do it." he told me.

"Why not? I have the key. I have everything I need. I am capable of getting the money myself!" I tried to push past Thomas, put he blocked my way.

"No. Jane tricked you! She wants you to get caught. I heard her say so." Thomas told me.

I gasped. "You are sure you're not lying?" I asked.

Thomas nodded. "Positive. You can't do this. It's wrong, anyway."

I swallowed. "I know. But my family needs the money! We don't have anything left. I don't want us to be homeless."

Thomas smiled his small smile. "Go home, and I think you'll find out what you need to know."

I bit my lip. "Alright." I finally decided, and ran off.

Turns out, my dad had just gotten a job that payed a fair amount of money. We were never rich, but me and my family lived the rest of our lives happily.

~Lydia~ <3


  1. You've got such talent with what you do. <3

    xoxo Morning

  2. I love it, Lydia! Not sure what the contest is but, still love it! :)


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