Friday, July 31, 2015

Legends of Western Cinema Week - The Wild Wild West

Hey guys!

One - I'm going to hold a contest when I get to 50 followers! So make sure to tell your friends about my blog - I have some pretty good prizes planned. :}

Two - Emma and Olivia  are holding a Legends of Western Cinema week, and I thought I would join in too!

Sooo, today I am going to do a post about one of my favorite Western sort of TV Shows - The Wild Wild West. 

The Wild Wild West is about the country's two first Secret Service agents, Jim West (younger guy) and Artemis Gordon (older guy), and the adventures they have in the 1800's western frontier.

My favorite character is probably Artemis. He doesn't get enough attention, and Jim is too sure of himself, hehe.

Their adventures are CRAZY!!! Once there was a man made almost entirely out of metal, and he was nearly invincible (but of course! Jim saves the day ;) ). The costumes are awesome, and it's fun looking at all secret things Jim and Artemis stock up on. (Such as a gun hidden up Jim's sleeve or a bulletproof vest.)

There is almost always a romance between one pretty girl and Jim, but she vanishes by the next episode. I was pretty sad about that in the first episode, because there was this girl named Lydia who was promising and had lots of spunk. I was hopeful she would become a regular character in the show, but no such luck. :(

Usually, the show goes like this:
1. Mr. West is either given a mission by the president or finds some suspicious activity wherever and tries to stop it, and that leads to a huge, rollicking adventure.
2. Some stunts, a few boring talking scenes, and the bad guy getting really mad at Mr. West.
3. Mr. West and sometimes Artemis get stuck in a TRAP set by the bad guy to kill them both! :O
4. Mr. West rescues himself and the pretty girl and Artemis, too (except in the rare case that Artemis saves Jim)
5. Happy ending, usually with Jim and Artemis riding off in a train.

Even though (as you could see from the list above) it's a bit predictable, but the writers come up with some very...creative plots, and the acting is pretty good.

Well, that's my Wild Wild West post. A bit later than I had planned to post it, but not five years late, so it's all good!

Thanks for reading!

~Lydia~ <3


  1. Huh, I remember catching a few glimpses of various episodes of this show when I was younger! :)

    xoxo Morning

  2. Oh, I LOVED this show growing up. Still do, though I only own the first season on DVD at this time. It is so much fun. I love Jim, but Artemis was my favorite as well. So cool to see that other people still enjoy this show!

    1. I have the whole entire series on DVD, it was for half-off on Amazon.

      I'm glad you enjoyed the post! :)

      ~Lydia~ <3

  3. This is such a fun show! I like Jim best, but I love all of Artie's clever disguises -- they're often my favorite part of an episode.


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