Wednesday, August 5, 2015

To Read August 2015

It's been a little while since I did a post in my "To Read" series, sorry about that! But, it's here now, so we'll start off with the books on my to-read list already and whether I read them or not. Green means I did read the book and red means I didn't.

Princess Academy
The Sign of the Beaver 
Into the Wild 
The Hobbit I found a super nice copy at the bookstore and it's really expensive, there is a cheaper copy but I prefer to own nicer copies for classics. So I guess I'll just have to get it at the library or save up lots of money!
LOTR Trilogy 
Pat of Silver Bush 

Alright, so I've been a little better but it still needs some work. I'm going to add on some books I will hopefully be getting around to reading this month:

Heartbreak Trail by Susan K. Marlow
It's the second book in the Circle C Milestones series - I REALLY need to read it! The third book isn't coming until next February, but time really does sneak up on you. 
The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare
Ever since I read Calico Captive and The Sign of the Beaver, I've been meaning to read this book! It looks really good. 
Cherry Ames, Student Nurse by Helen Wells
Yes, I want to read this. I love vintage mystery books, and I've been DYING to read some more of them. (Nancy Drew is starting to bore me, and let's face it, Trixie Belden is starting to get more and more Nancy Drew-ish.)
Charlotte Sometimes by Penelope Farmer
I was looking at books on Goodreads and this caught my eye. It looks like a fun book! 

Wonderland Creek by Lynn Austin
This book sounds amazing, and it's something I've been meaning to read for awhile.

 Well, that's it for this post! Thanks for reading, everyone!

~Lydia~ <3


  1. Those books DO look interesting! I might add some of them to MY Summer List. :)

    1. Glad I gave you some reading ideas! ;)

      ~Lydia~ <3

  2. Cherry Ames is great! I've read about 20 of the books, and they were the only mysteries I kept reading after I started find Nancy Drew repetitive :P :) Cherry Ames does get a little boring later on as well, but the first few books especially are great (except I thought nothing happened in Army Nurse and Veterans' Nurse), and a lot of the later ones are too. :) My favorites were the very first two though.:)

    1. Cool! I'll have to look on Ebay for the first book. :)

      ~Lydia~ <3


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