Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Back + Beta Readers


I'm back. Unfortunately my family member has passed away, but once again I know she is in Heaven with Jesus where she is free of pain and suffering.

Anyway, I recently finished editing my first novella! I started writing it on 6/22/2015 so it has been well over a year since I started the first draft. Since I am hoping I can get this book published, we all know what this means...BETA-READING TIME!! :D :D

What is a beta-reader, you ask? A beta-reader reads a book for the author and as they read they point out things (grammatical errors, things you could add, descriptions, and what they thought of the chapter or book overall).

But before you go to sign up, here is the synopsis:

Scarlet Paddleburrow is on a train headed for Upstate New York, where her new boarding school is located. Along the way, she meets a girl who is also going to the school - Kat Davids. Together the two girls decide to investigate the strange happenings on the train. But everything goes downhill from there, and it's a true test of Scarlet's bravery and the girls' friendship.

The book is meant for girls aged 8-12 (although younger or older could read it, too, if they wanted) and is the first book in a series. It's completely clean. No swear words or anything like that.

So, want to beta-read? Click HERE to sign up!

The book will hopefully be sent out about a week after I post this, and from there you will have around a month to read it. It's a novella that's well under 10,000 words so it shouldn't be too hard at all. :)

Thanks guys!

~Lydia~ <3

Friday, November 18, 2016

Sad Times

Hey guys,

A family member of mine is nearing the end of her life. She will probably pass away and go to Heaven very soon. As you can imagine I am extremely sad but I also know that God is in control, and He loves my family member and she loves Him.

I won't be posting anything for a couple of weeks. Thanks for understanding. :)

~Lydia~ <3

Monday, November 7, 2016



So Nation Novel Writing Month has STARTED and I am DOING IT and I am SCARED out of my MIND. xD Right now I'm making it above my word-count goals each day, I'm on track, and I'm really happy with my progress so far! But it takes up so much time guys, it's insane. O.o

I've also been slightly addicted to word wars. So fun!! And at the end of each one it makes you feel so productive! And on the website there is always somebody else doing one so you're never alone or without a partner.

My book is about a girl named Katie and her adventures. It's Children's Fiction and I'm feeling pretty good about it. I think it would be a bit much to try and even edit it (so I don't have many plans for this book) but I like writing it and that's all that matters.

If anybody wants to add me as a writing buddy on the website, here's my profile.

Posts may be a little sparse this month as I continue writing my 50,000-word book. But I will try to get posts up as often as I can. :D

Are you doing NaNo? How's that going for you? :P

~Lydia~ <3
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