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Writing Programs - Which One Is The Best?


In today's Tuesday post I'm going to be comparing writing programs by listing out the pros and cons of each of them. There are plenty of them out there, but these are the different ones I've used so far:

Let's get started!

This is probably the most popular writing program by far, however I actually only used it as my main writing platform for about 6 months when I was just starting to get serious about writing (age 9). Now I do use it for school sometimes, however a lot less frequently than I used to use it. 

 You can easily write offline. 
Lots of different formating tools, text colors and fonts. 
Writing a book report? There's a template for that. A business letter? There's a template for that. A report? There's a template for that. A list? There's a template for that. 
You can easily upload photos. If you are going to have a lot of photos in your document, Word is probably the way to go. 

Not free. To my knowledge you need an Office 365 Subscription for Word. (Maybe I'm wrong though. But I know it isn't free.) 
If you forget to save your document and simply close the tab, bye-bye document. :P It's SO frustrating, let me tell you!
Unless somebody has a set-up Microsoft account, you can't share stories or reports very easily. It's quite complicated.

Celtx is actually a script-writing program but I do know some people who use it for all of their writing. I have only used it for script-writing (a YouTube miniseries based off one of my favorite books I dreamed up and would LOVE to make happen one day [and no, it isn't Narnia]) but here are the pros and cons I have noticed so far. 

 Nice categories. There are episode categories, (which my friend uses as chapters), plenty of different slots for different projects, and you can even create different movie studios (book series ;]) if you would like. 
Free - although Celtx does offer plans that allow you to do more on their website. I've never tried them before, so I can't say much about them. 
If a friend has a Celtx account, it's easy to share projects and you can even be apart of the same "Studio" together.
There is a feature at the bottom that tells you your word count, how much time you have spent writing, and how much time you have spent "Thinking" (not typing). I think this is a pretty cool feature, but it depends on whether it will motivate you to keep writing or make you feel guilty. :P

Despite all its cool features, this IS a program meant for writing movie or TV show scripts, not for writing books. If you want to use Celtx for writing a book or story, it may prove difficult. 
They are constantly badgering you about updating to a plan and paying money for it. :P 
Can't write offline. (As far as I know).

I just recently discovered Evernote, but it is absolutely amazing so far!! It has a ton of different and useful features. I use it to write a lot of my stories and also to plan my blog posts and set reminders. I also like to clip recipes and things, which is made easy with the iPhone app they have. 

Evernote has "Notebooks", which are basically categories you can put your notes/documents into. This is wonderful because I can create a notebook entitled "Illuminate" and then write a different note per chapter, put it in the notebook, and all the chapters are there separately, ready for me to edit. 
Free, although it does offer plans you can pay for with more features and storage per month (none of which I have tried). 
If you sometimes write down your stories/books in notebooks but want to back them up online (like I do) it's easy with the Evernote app that they have for iPhones, iPods and iPads. You just take a picture of the paper and it uploads it to Evernote. 

Evernote says you can use "Work Chat" with anybody, even if they aren't signed up to Evernote, but I tried to with Jo and she said she had to sign up before she could chat with me. 
It has so many features it can sometimes get really confusing. I haven't even tried out the audio feature yet. 
If you want to write a really long book, Evernote does have a limit (on the free plan) to how much storage you can use a month. It resets each month.

Until I discovered Evernote, Google Docs was my main writing program for nearly two years. It's a great writing program, which any of my friends will vouch for (also perfect for school projects). 

You can use it with your Google account, which nearly everybody has, right? ;) Therefore there is incredibly easy sharing. Even if a person doesn't have a Google account, they can still view, edit or comment on the document, they will just be signed in as "Anonymous Squirrel" or something like that. Google Docs is probably the best writing program listed here for group projects. 
Auto-save, which is a LIFESAVER!! :D 
It can be used on mobile, a web browser, or can be downloaded on your computer. 
Documents created can be found both in Google Docs and Google Drive. If you are a more organized person (like me) and like your docs in categories or folders, Google Drive is probably the best way to view them. 

It can be hard to navigate sometimes, especially when you have as many documents as I do! 
 It doesn't have as many fonts as programs like Word. 
I can't think of anymore cons. XD 

Okay! So now that I've listed the pros and cons of each program, here they are listed in the order of how much a like them and how good they are for writing book and stories. 1 is the lowest and 4 is the highest. 

1. Celtx
2. Evernote (I LOVE it but it doesn't have as many functions on documents)
3. Microsoft Word
4. Google Docs

This is just my opinion. I'd love to hear what you think! Soooo...

What program do you use primarily for writing? 

Thanks for reading! :)

~Lydia~ <3 


  1. Good review! I have only tried Google Docs and Microsoft Word. I enjoy your blog posts! By the way I love your message board!

  2. I usually use Google Docs, although it's really hard to upload pictures to my "brainstorming" documents where I'd like to stash images of all my characters. My favorite feature is how you can access it from anywhere!

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

  3. Ooh okay you should try Scrivener though!! I used to use all of these (except for Celtx) but once I found Scrivener there was no going back, haha :D Of course, it has a main con: it's not free XD

  4. I use Google docs and Word the most...although I don't think I pay for it? Maybe I don't have all the features...but it works!! I've heard of Evernote too, but I've never tried it. Loved this post!!

    autumn's readings + writings


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