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It all started in February 2014, when I created my first blog, then titled American Girls and Books. The 8-year-old Lydia was extremely excited. Almost too excited...she was so excited and so filled with ideas that she posted EVERYTHING that popped into her head, including a post entitled "How to make your AG doll have a crush!!!" 

After a year of blogging only about dolls, she created a new blog where she could post about everything but dolls, called Story Central. 

Fast-forward another year and Lydia has left Story Central and moved on to a blog called Disney Fans For Ever - then she renamed it The Fangirl Blog - then she renamed it Peanut Butter Girl - and finally, she changed the name to Through The Wardrobe. This time, the name stuck! 

Lydia left what was now called Silver Creek Dolls in early 2016. 

Since then this blog has become my main project. 


This blog is almost exactly what it was two years ago - a place where I can post about anything and everything. I feel like posting about it, I'll post about it. 

Please don't be mislead and think this is a fashion blog just because of the title, because it's not. I've done about three fashion posts in the last three years. 

The reason behind the name is actually related to The Chronicles of Narnia, which has been my biggest book/movie related obsession for the last three years. In the first book in The Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S. Lewis, Lucy walks through a wardrobe in order to get into the magical land of Narnia, hence the name. It really has nothing to do with the theme of the blog.


I try to post every Tuesday with an original post I came up with myself, like a photoshoot, a piece of writing, organization tips, or whatever I feel like posting/working on that day/week. (In 2017 I resolved to put way more work and effort into posts than I had been in the past, so it usually takes me around a week to flesh out a post or idea.)

If I get tagged, I will do the tag on Friday. It's one tag per post, so if you tag has not been published it will probably be up next Friday. I love being tagged so please feel free to do so! If I haven't been tagged for anything, I will do a character spotlight on Fridays (unless I run out of characters, hehe ;]) 

So yes, I hope this informed you a little bit! ;) Thanks for reading! 

~Lydia~ <3 


  1. Hi. I couldn't find anywhere else to post a comment. Have you ever seen Lindsey Stirling on YouTube because you really should. She is an amazing dancing violinist. Though she isn't a Christian is is a Mormon, but hay, it's better than no religion!

    1. Hello! :) Yes, I LOVE Lindsey Stirling! I even got one of her vinyl records for Christmas. She's AWESOME. ;D

      ~Lydia~ <3

  2. Hi Lydia! I know AnonymousA nominated you too, but I went ahead and nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award as well.:) http://dollsdisneyrollercoasters.blogspot.com/2017/01/the-blogger-recognition-award.html


"Kindness in words creates confidence."

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