Friday, August 1, 2014

30DWC and 25FAM


So, I decided to do this, which I found on my friend Autumn's blog! (It's really cool, check it out HERE.) 

1. Basic Things About Yourself
I have long, blonde hair, and blue eyes
I'm 10 years old 
I have 10 AG dolls
I am christian 
I am homeschooled
I have a little sister 
And that's it for that, 

but then I also have this other thing called 25 Facts About Me. I lost the picture, but I still have the questions. So, here goes the first one! 
1. Top song on my iPod? 
I don't have an iPod. XD But the top songs I listen to at the moment (AS OF 8.1.14) they are 'Brave' by Moriah Peters and 'Overcomer' by Mandisa. 

See you tomorrow! 

~Lydia~ <3 


"Kindness in words creates confidence."

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