Monday, December 22, 2014

Book Review: Emily of New Moon

Hi everyone!

(WARNING: This post contains possible spoilers, so if you want to read Emily of New Moon but haven't yet and don't want any spoilers don't read this post.)

I finished reading the book Emily of New Moon the other day and I wanted to do a review on it. I'm not very good at book reviews. I'm better at weighing out the pros and cons of books. So that's what I am going to do today.
(AHHH! I can't find a summary online or my copy of the book! If I find it I'll edit this post with the summary)
-I feel it is better "well shaped" as you might say then Anne of Green Gables, (one of L.M. Montgomery's better known heroines). The characters are well-rounded and the plot is good.
-Emily had some experiences that I can relate to. Such as my first book and Emily's poems. I read through it now and wonder how I could have ever thought it any good, just as when Emily read through her poems.
-Ilse (one of Emily's friends) was really funny. She had a big temper and Emily and her would get into fights and then the next day Ilse would treat Emily like it never even happened. At first I thought Ilse was going to be like Anne, but she proved me wrong as the book progressed.
-The book surprised me. The people I thought would be Emily's best friends turned out to be her enemies and vice versa. Things like that.
-It was an all around good book! :D

-It was a little creepy. Which was fine for me, but if you get scared/disturbed easily I wouldn't recommend reading it. (i.e. when she hears "ghosts", when they find a body, etc.)
-I'm having a lot of trouble finding more cons XD

So, yeah, hope you enjoyed! I want to watch the series, I've heard it isn't at all like the book. Do you know if this is true or not?

~Lydia~ <3

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