Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Getting to Know Your Character(s)

Hi everyone!

So, I am definitely NOT a professional writer, but I wanted to share some tips on getting to know your book character. :) Knowing your character is important as you write your book because you need to know what they would do when put under certain circumstances, what they would say, and stuff like that.

So usually after I start writing the book a little bit I take the time to make a character profile for each of my major characters. In my book I have 6 major characters, not including my villain.

So, I start writing some things down about my character. Such as her age, her personality, her looks. What does she do in her spare time? Does she have family? What's a little bit of her past? Favorite color? What are her pet peeves?

Once you think you are finished, read through it. If you know you are finished, keep that page up on your computer and open up a new page with your WIP. Refer to this introduction page throughout the book and it will really help you in the end.

Another thing I like to do is write a small backstory for them. It's actually really fun! Write it in book form and you can make it as small or as big as you want. What does a regular day look like for your character? Try writing about your MC's childhood a bit. This also really helps you get to know MC even more with writing your book, and it's super fun! :D

So those are two ways I get to know my characters. Yours?


  1. Wonderful tips Lydia. I often use templates found through Pinterest that help with fleshing characters out. It's lengthy but a wonderful way to get you thinking about your characters. =)

    1. Good ideas! I use those sheets sometimes, too. They are very helpful in finding new ways to describe them. :)

      ~Lydia~ <3


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