Wednesday, May 27, 2015

4 Reasons Why You HAVE To Listen to Owl City


Owl City is this awesome music project. And you need to listen to it. Here are some reasons if you still don't want to click Spotify and go try it out, O ye of little faith.

1. Adam Young

If you have never listened to Owl City you can't fangirl over Adam Young (<3) and that would just be the most tragic thing.


2. You Can Trust His Music To Be Clean 

When I want to check out a new artist/band, I often have to be careful because they might have things I really don't want to be in my playlists...with Owl City, there are no worries! You can always trust that there will be clean, but great music.

3. Special Meanings Behind the Songs 

At least for "All Things Bright and Beautiful", Adam did a series of videos with the meanings behind the songs, and those were really fun to watch. :)

4. Owl City is just. AWESOME. :D 


If you want to hear a song by them, just listen to "Verge" on the playlist!
 I hope have gotten you to like Owl City if you don't already! :D


~Lydia~ <3


  1. I think it's funny how the name is "Owl CITY" and there's only one person...LOL.
    I've only heard "You're Not Alone" so far, but this list really makes me want to check more of Adam's music out. :-D

  2. Owl City is amazing! I love his music so much; it never actually occurred to me that his music is all clean! :D

    xoxo Morning

  3. Oh my gosh, plus Adam is just utterly ADORABLE! I've listened to his music for like...gosh...must be six or seven years now.

  4. I LOVE Owl City!!!!! Great post:) -Bethany!

  5. I have listened to You're Not Alone By Owl City great song! And post!


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