Sunday, June 12, 2016

8 Favorite Minecraft Servers


Yes, I play Minecraft. Two years ago my sister got the PC edition, and I wasn't really interested, but then she showed me a few Minecraft YouTubers and then I proceeded to binge-watch practically all of their videos and then I decided to try out the game for myself. :-)

(I'm LydiaKirk421 on MC and Curse, if you ever need someone to play with. xD).

So I decided to make a list of 10 of my favorite Minecraft servers. Here we go:

MINEPLEX - You seriously just cannot play Minecraft PC without having played Mineplex. It's probably one of the biggest Minecraft servers. It's not my favorite server ever, but I really enjoy Speed Builders and Turf Wars. :3

HYPIXEL - The first server I ever played on, it's also my favorite minigame server! I love their TNT Games (especially bow spleef), and Hypixel Says is also super fun. It's really relaxing to play that game for me, not sure why.

HELLOMINERS - This is a fun roleplay/economy server, with lots of shops and apartments. You can even build a city yourself!

POPCRAFT - This is a semi-vanilla Minecraft survival server. It has a fun, cozy, community feel and very friendly members.

JUMPCRAFT - I love parkour so I was so excited when I discovered this one! It has almost endless parkour courses to try out - my personal favorite has to be the TARDIS or Pokemon themed ones.

MCMagic - This is literally the coolest server ever - it's pretty much Disney World in Minecraft. I've been to the real-life one and it's extremely accurate. They have so many amazing rides and shops and resorts that you can stay at! You can tell the owners put so much work into it!

MC EDEN - It's owned by Yammy. It's creative and space prison are great!

THE HIVE - Death Run, BlockParty and TheLab are some of the most popular games. I'm horrible at Death Run tbh. xD

So yeah, those are my top 8 Minecraft servers! Thanks for reading, everyone!

~Lydia~ <3


  1. MCMagic sounds so cool! I want to check it out now! I've been also looking for a Narnia themed one, I think it would be just really cool seeing the pixelated version of the world I've come to love.

    1. It is really amazing! They even have little shows and an audio server you can use with it.
      That would be so cool! Let me know if you ever find one - I would love to play on a Narnia-themed server. :D

      ~Lydia~ <3

  2. MCmagic and hello miners sound awesome!


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