Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Back + Improvements + Writing

Hey guys!

It's been two weeks and I'm back from my break. It was nice to think about what has been wrong with my posts lately and what has been keeping the quality down. Here are some things I have thought about during the past couple weeks. I just realized it kind of sounds like I'm whining and telling my readers to buck up and get used to my blogging style, but I'm not. I'm just sorting out my thoughts on paper. This is me thinking to myself.

  • I'm not part of a specific community. I have lots of friends from different blogging communities, but I don't feel like a part of any of them. I don't live in Missouri and have 10 siblings, but I'm not a squealy fangirl who only gets an hour of sleep every night and only wears black and fedoras. But I don't post a bunch of pictures about my life every single day, or post a bunch of photos of me wearing different pieces of clothing and makeup products either. And the blog isn't one to go with my YouTube channel, it's vice-versa. So I feel like I'm not even close to any "niche". I post whatever I would like to post, and if people want to read it they read it. If people like it they follow. 
  • Lack of comments. I'm not trying to whine here and complain that nobody has been leaving comments. But no comments at all on posts doesn't motivate me to create quality posts because I feel like nobody is reading them. 
  • I need to know what my readers like. What kind of posts will YOU GUYS read?? What kind of posts on my blog do you enjoy the most? I've made a survey, so pleeease click here and give your input. Thank you. :D 
Also, I've been doing a lot of editing on my book The Mystery on the Train (the name will probably change). I need motivation! I need a writing buddy! If you don't know what that is it's basically two people who encourage each-other, maybe have word wars, email back-and-forth about the struggles of writing a book. If you are interested shoot me an email ( 

Thanks for reading guys! :)

~Lydia~ <3 


  1. Aww! Lydia, ill try to comment more, but I love your posts! -liz

  2. Welcome back, Lydia! :)

    Oh, I completely understand the feeling. It can be a bit of a downer at times. And I apologize for the lack of comments. Just want you to know that, even if I’m not commenting, I AM reading your posts and enjoying them A LOT ^_^

    Ok ok ok wait. YOU need a writing buddy? I need a writing buddy! Hmm….I may or may not be shooting you an email. . . . ;)

  3. EEEEEP! I just took it! I'm so excited you're back :)

  4. You're back!!!! Welcome!!!!! :D
    I'm sorry, I haven't commented in a long time, and now that I've got my own blog I understand how you feel when no one leaves comments on your posts. :P So, please rest assured that I AM following you faithfully and I DO read all your posts, and I'll do my best to comment more.often. :)
    I may be emailing you, if you don't mind having a second partner that won't take up much of your time... ;)

  5. I do love your blog Lydia, and I will try to comment more. ;)

  6. I am so glad that you are back Lydia! I have missed reading your posts!

    Also, if you need a writing buddy, I would be glad to be yours! I also love to write! If you are interested, you can send me an e-mail on my blog.


  7. I would love to chat with you about writing! I'm not terribly experienced myself, so maybe you want someone who could more a mentor? Either way, I'm interested if you are (storyanddarkchocolate!


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