Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Office Tour - March 2017

Hello everyone!

Last March I did an office tour, (I don't actually remember that, I was just looking through old posts, hehe) and since it's March again, I decided to do an updated one! My space has changed a lot (it's also gone through two new computers, a chair and new furniture since last year) so I thought it would be fun to do.

Just a note, I don't actually have a real "office", per-say. It's just a little space in our dining room where both me and Jo do our school, blogging, gaming, etc and I call it my office. ;)

Let's get into it!

Firstly, we have a cart next to my desk that holds all my schoolbooks. I am homeschooled and use a curriculum that teaches you online and then gives you assignments afterwards, so I keep my school-related stuff here.

On top, there are some books I'll be reading for school later in the year (if you know what the printing company JourneyForth is run by, you probably know what curriculum I use...) a spelling bonus word sheet at the bottom, tape, a post-it note holder, my calligraphy pen, and a to-do list thing that I actually use a lot (I got it at Walmart.)

And here are all the bins where I keep my school books.

Here's my computer, and the lovely desktop background. I like having monthly ones, either from Google Images or KBR, which have lovely monthly desktop backgrounds with Bible verses on them. :D

There's my keyboard, mouse and lovely and aesthetically pleasing mousepad. XD

At the left side of my computer there's a pencil holder (if you've seen my other office tour, yes, the Enterprise figure is still there. It doesn't light up anymore though :( ), a stationary set my mom gave me, and a Rilakkuma notepad set.

On the sliding, pull-out tray I use to store some other stuff, we've got my planner. Obviously I can't show you the inside but it's SO. PRETTY. As you can probably guess from the front, it has writing and reading quotes on almost every page! It's my favorite planner ever. ;)

Then we've got one of my Bibles, which I keep in my desk because I'm always needing to look of Bible verses in school, and a notecard thing from Studio C.

Here's a picture of Jo's desk, which is literally right next to mine.

And here's the view from our big windows we have right in front of us. :P

And there you go! My "office" tour. I hope you guys enjoyed! :)

Thanks for reading!

~Lydia~ <3


  1. Pretty office area! I love all your notebooks and colorful stuff. :)

  2. YOUR NOTEBOOK. As a notebook collector I cannot contain my excitement. It's ADORABLE.

  3. Your office/school are is very nice Lydia. :)
    I saw your comment you wrote in reply to mine on Ellie's blog. I replied to your but not sure if you saw it. :) That's cool you've seen Sue Thomas. We love it too. :)


  4. Ugh ! I love your setup. And that notebook is sooo pretty <3
    ~ Thalia ♡


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